Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Holidays and upcoming changes


First of all, happy holidays everybody! It's (most likely) going to be the first white christmas in the netherlands since 1981 (I wasn't even born at the time!)

Altho, it's not all as well this time a year. Someone broke into my Gmail account and probably did some things. So far, the damage isn't so bad, it mostly feels weird when someone is trying to steal your identity. So I'm trying to get all my things back together and make sure it won't happen again...

For now tho, I've been enjoying the holidays and haven't spend a lot of time on the development project (not much since my last post) But, I have plans...I'm going to draw out a complete overview of the engine's structure (and will most likely post it here) to get myself back on track. I was working on so many features at the same time that I lost myself in all the work. So taking some time this holiday to slowly get back on the right track, aswell as taking some time to finally design some games.

I have some homemade challenges that I'd like to complete, to get my mind of engine programming for a bit (in the end, I'm building this engine for game design, not to become a world class programmer)

So to all who's reading this (and everyone else!) MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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