Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Post-Process: Motion-Blur Effect

A simple Motion-Blur post-process based on the GPU Gems 3 article.

Editor Update: Clone-tool with ClonePreviewer

You can simply drag your clone to the desired location while using the scroll-wheel to determine the amount of clones you like. The process is finalized by pressing the Enter key.

The preview models share the same instance of the source model, rendered with an offset for each clone. The translation is snapped to the current grid size, alternatively you can use precision-mode (Shift) to fine-tune your clone-offset. Works with any type of placeable entities, however entities without a model (particles etc.) use simple boundingboxes/icons to show their destination. This may change in the future, where even particles may be fully rendered while previewing.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Creating Line-based Animations with the SketchTool

A Proof of Concept to animate objects, particles and lights using the Sketch tool.

The position and normal (of the colliding triangle) and stored and converted to an animation file (shared with the already built-in Animation Editor). These can be plugged into any script to easily animate objects, lights or particles in the environment.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Effortless Waypoint & Path creation using 3D-Sketching

About 3 weeks ago, I demonstrated the Sketching in 3D Tool. Today I went a little further and expanded it to be able to create waypoints and paths for our upcoming levels without effort. Manually placing waypoints can be a tedious task, especially if your level is continuously changing in its early stages. With this new Tool we'll be able to create full AI paths in seconds, with easy tweaking after the initial waypoints are setup.

Currently there are two types of lines. WaypointLines and AvoidanceLines, the latter is used to state certain parts should simply be avoided by the AI or to break paths that are too close to geometry or ledges.