Sunday, 18 March 2012

Graduation UDK Project

Hey guys, It's been a while since I uploaded any videos or blogposts. I've definitely been doing some cool stuff behind closed doors, this time with the Unreal Development Kit. We're about to reach a milestone where we will start showing our development more openly. This means I will soon start recording some videos that will include my development experiments as usual.

This project is for my graduation, I'm working in a team of six to build a proper first person shooter for the PC. As expected I'm the programmer, but do a lot of the design work as well. Aside from the game itself I have been busy building some UDK based tools for the team, this includes a launcher/management tool to launch UDK in every way you can think of and includes more advanced functionality such as bug reporting (automatically sends the reports to our server at Assembla) along with FTP file uploads (screenshots, crash logs) and more. A second tool will remain secret for now. I will reveal details on it later on through some videos and post some info about it here as well.

For now I'll leave you with two (pre-alpha) screenshots of our project.