Saturday, 5 November 2011

Gizmo update coming soon!

Hi guys, just wanted to let every XNA3DGizmo user know that a update is currently being developed. I noticed that the original implementation had some sloppy shortcuts that could make it more difficult to implement if you were unfamiliar with the code. This included references to the Engine class among other things.

So I decided to improve things by removing any reference to outside classes (including InputState which is no longer required) I realized this update is necessary as even I found it difficult to implement the gizmo in a new project and wasn't a simple drag&drop operation as it should be (or as close as possible to it) this made it obvious some improvements were required to the public version.

The last public update was quite a while back and I was using a modified version with already several improvements implemented (such as multiple type of objects you can select as shown in the Vertex Manipulation Video where I select both scene objects and vertices with the same Gizmo component)

So in general the upcoming update should make it much easier for everyone to implement this gizmo into his own code/editor. If you had trouble integrating it, please let me know. There is no current ETA on therelease, but I'll try to do it sooner than later...