Saturday, 19 December 2009

BEPU Integrated...Today!

There is not much to show today, unfortunately. Most of my work today involved removing the old JigLibX code and replacing it with BEPU Physics.

I did some basic primitive collision tests, dynamic vs. kinematic and a triangleMesh test (done with a 1100 poly car model) So far, no real problems occured. I have to create a new and solid system to add (and save) collision models to later reload into my game.

So, next on my list is to finish the StaticMeshActor class I've been working on. It's not very complex, but should form a solid base for all static meshes in the game.

I hope to have more to show by tomorrow...

Note: the vehicle collision is a ConvexHull, and the Box is made of a...Box.

If you're interested in BEPUphysics, check out their site:
BEPU Physics

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