Saturday, 5 February 2011

GSM & Gizmo Update

Still no release available for the Gizmo project. However, with the Translation mode pretty much complete and the Rotation well under-way it's getting closer.

I finally created an SVN-host. This means the next Gizmo release will use it as well, so you should keep a sharp-eye on the Source Code tab of the project page.

Among other things I completely re-designed the GameState management of the engine. the previous GSM had faded over time in flexibility and support due to heavy changes in overall engine structure. This new system should increase readability, flexibility and performance. The Gizmo will use a small portion of the GSM. As it will be flexible, you can easily change the components to fit in your own framework without having to use mine.

The (normally invisible) collision hull of the Rotation-mode. Mesh vs. Ray will determine the selected axis.

The already complete Translation-mode. As seen in the previous video.

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