Monday, 31 January 2011

Gizmo Update (no release yet)

I have been working on a completely new Gizmo. The old one did what it has to do, but it lacked feedback for the user and didn't look very professional.

The new release, should be the (near) final iteration of the project. I still don't know exactly when it's going to be finished, but I've made a lot of progress today.

Currently, only the Translation part of the gizmo is in place. But like the previous version, rotation and scaling will be supported.


  1. cool any idea on when you will release it?

  2. Hi, I'm not exactly sure yet. Along with the Gizmo I'm working on completely re-designing a lot of my engine structure. This includes a brand new GameState management system. I'd like to release the Gizmo with a small portion of that management system so you'll have a good idea of how that component should/could fit into your own engine or framework. But because of that it's taking me more time than I originally anticipated.

    The end result however, should be very feature-rich and yet easy to implement.