Thursday, 24 February 2011

XNA 3D Gizmo v1.0.0 Released!

The latest version of the XNA Gizmo is now available on Codeplex! You can download it here.

Since my last announcement I have added many features (including all those I mentioned in my previous post) and it should be ready to use in your own editor. I supplied a small framework to show the Gizmo at work. I have tried to make the implementation to your own engine/editor to be as painless as possible, however it can always be easier...(if I knew what all of your engines/editors would look like :) )

I still haven't made a video to showcase all of the new features, but it should be available soon...

Download Link


  1. Any chance for a xna 3.1 version release?

  2. I don't have any plans to release a 3.1 version. What makes you stick with XNA 3.1?

    Btw, I believe a lot of it will be the same, most of the code you'll have to change for 3.1 is the line-drawing.

  3. Hiya, let me start off by saying what a great piece of work this is and I've been trying to configure it into working with my level editor for a little while now. The only thing is I've just found a real problem that I'm stumped on. I got it working perfectly fine in a perspective view mode but am now integrating it into orthographic. I tried this first with your demo and it worked fine whereas mine didn't. The problem did arise again however when using orthographic and setting the camera back on 1 axis only such as (0,0,50) as opposed to your initial camera position of (50,50,50). Try it yourself and you'll find the picking of the bounding boxes for the widget arrows gets messed up.

    Anyway I thought I'd see if I could peak your interest and perhaps you might have some insight into why this happens.


  4. Hi, thanks for letting me know. I might be able to look into this over the weekend, I had plans to improve the gizmo for a while (made some internal changes that I never applied to the public version) never got around doing it...I also never tried (or even thought of) orthographic views, so it is completely untested :)

  5. Hi again, forgot to mention that I managed to solve the problem. I think the problem had something to do with the BoundingOrientedBox, hard for me to confirm though. Instead what I did was end up using regular bounding boxes and leaving them in object space and instead transform the ray by the gizmo world. This works seamlessly with both prospective and orthographic views. Hope this helps :)

  6. Hi, thanks for letting me know :) I will look into this whenever I get to work on the gizmo.