Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Gizmo Beta Released!

It's finally here...well kinda. It's still in Beta, but a lot of its functionality is working and now you can try it out for yourself on CodePlex.

There are some known issues (including local-space transformations not working as intended) but I really wanted to let you guys try it and see what you think of it.

The component has been re-built from the ground-up to eliminate all of the old issues and improve readability and flexiblity of this new revamped component. Feedback and suggestions are welcome, you can post it in the comments or leave a message on Codeplex instead.

I'll leave you with just this image and a download link for now, a video will follow once I have a fully stable build.

Since I'm finally using SVN, you can directly follow my updates on the Source Code tab of codeplex.

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