Friday, 9 April 2010

On The Horizon: "Over Night"

We've started our new project this week. It's going to be a horror game. And like last time, I took on the role of programmer. Luckily I now have a fellow programmer in my team, so we can split most of the programming load. My role will consist primarily of Engine programming and profiling to optimize the game's performance, he will take care of the game programming for the next 8 weeks. Like last time I'll try to post regular updates about the game/engine. Mostly programming related of course, with some images & video as usual.

A short summary of the roadmap:

- Managers, single purpose managers for tasks like physics, audio, content etc.
- Multi-threading, a low-priority task. Will only be implemented if the need for more processer power arises.
- Additional Editor features. The current editor is pretty basic, and I'll be adding some additional features to aid rapid development.
- Destruction. Although it's not a feature for our current project, I do have some plans for creating a basic destruction engine in the near future.
- XML Tweaking, a feature currently in the fridge. It might proof very useful for quick tweaking of values.

Of course, this is not all I'll be doing over the next 8 weeks. We have some pretty ambitious plans for this project, and I'm afraid I'll be spending a lot of time profiling and optimizing our game to make it run on an acceptable framerate...

SgMotion v1.1 released last week. Most notable change is the Deferred modelprocessor. Download link and more info can be found at the Community Blogpost I've made over at

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