Friday, 26 March 2010

Game Update: Deadline Today! Final Screenshots & Video

We've finally reached the project deadline. We've presented our game to the teachers and fellow students today. We can be pleased with the results :) As a (probably) last update of this game for now, I've included some additional screenshots for your viewing pleasure. A video will be compiled and added later on...(Update: As promised, the video can be found at the bottom)

Update: Video Added!


  1. Awesome video! Is there any chance you will release your engine?

  2. Hi, Thanks :) For now Its really just an in-house engine to aid in creating games for school. I do plan on releasing more tutorials and code snippets to help others create XNA games or their own editor/engine :)

  3. I am interested too! :)

    What do you think about an open source project?

  4. Game looks great! What was the gameplay like?