Friday, 30 April 2010

Game Update: Dual scene feature working!


One of our most important mechanics is now finally working! It's the smartphone camera that can see a different world/dimension. By using the phone's built-in camera the player can uncover hidden objects and hints throughout the world. In addition, the camera can see ghostly appearances that are invisible to the naked eye. You can see why it's a big part of our game. So I'm glad that we got it working today!

The phone will see some things that the player normally can't. A player might wonder why a certain light isn't working, if he pulls out his camera he will soon find out that the wires have been cut, which is only visible on his phone's screen. This is just an example of the differences between the two worlds. With the current implementation the scenes can use different models and textures we can use this to keep the player engaged and wondering what has happened and how he can get out...(story will be explained later on)

For the time being I rendered the camera footage to a spritebatch (for debugging), but it's already working on a 3d mesh (as texture) You can clearly notice that the phone (topleft) can see something that the player can't normally see with his own eyes.

Somethings can only be seen with your own eyes...

All objects visible while in Editmode to place objects and debug a lot easier.

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