Sunday, 25 April 2010

Update: Game & Engine features

It's time for another update. Got a lot of work done yesterday, and I'd like to share it with you guys. First off, the Gizmo finally got the features it deserved. Rotation/Scale feature are now working properly (images below)

Next up is a long overdue issue that wasn't bothering the frame-rate at all so I post-pone'ed it for quite a while. When loading a scene and reading all object-data stored inside Xml, a copy was hidden and maintained in the background (while it shouldn't even exist) In a case of 500 objects/components this would mean another 500 hidden in the background. I redesigned the loading/saving of Xml data and will no longer keep unwanted objects in the background.

Game Update

As I mentioned earlier, we're working on a new project called "Over Night". My role is Engine programmer, so I make sure everything we need for our game is there for the Game programmer to work with. A few features that I added last week are listed below and are shown in the video...

- Character (movement etc, thanks to BEPU for their base character class)
- Scene switching
- Monitor (ingame security camera footage shown on a TV monitor)
- Story notes (story driven notes and hints on the wall, helping the player with solving the story puzzle)


  1. Hey Tom over night is looking very cool, also i was wondering are you going to update the 3D XNA Gizmo with the rotation and scale features? That would be awesome if you could :)

    I have found it pritty useful so far in some of my school stuff and would love to get the updated version.

    Even if you could just send me it at, Daniel-Armstrong (AT)

    Anyway your development looks really good.

  2. Hi Thanks for your comment :)

    It's good to know that it's useful to you, I'll try to release it when I can. An announcement will be posted when the the new version is released, so stick around.

  3. Cool well I will be watching :) Any idea when you will get time to release it? Anyway I look forward to it.

  4. Was there anything particularly difficult or inconvenient when you tried to implement the Gizmo in your own project? I'm working on it at the moment, so if you have a specific request I can look into it.

  5. Well actually no i found it all quite easy you write some great code :) I was just hopeing for rotation and scale support really... :) But yer it is quite easy to use you have done well.

  6. Hi,

    Thanks :) The rotation/scale functionality is now added to the open source project, still having some export issues for the meshes. When I have that fixed I can start uploading...

  7. Cool thats great to hear.

  8. Hi where can I find this opensource project? I got here by googling XNA gizmo so i do not know much about you. PS you have a pretty good project going here.

  9. You can find it here:

    Still having some issues exporting the new models. Both the positions and rotations of the mesh itself are completely messed up after exporting (never had this before) so the update will be online once I fixed that or when I find a workaround for the time being.

  10. I suppose we could just supply our own models for it. That might be easier.