Sunday, 1 May 2011

Engine Restructuring

So I have actually had the time to work on the engine again and been experimenting with some design patterns. Since the deadline of our latest project (Project Sunburn) has passed a while ago I have been doing some experimental stuff, mostly to try and fix issues and concerns that were bugging me for a while. Since there are currently no new projects/games scheduled to use the engine I am basically free to experiment and try out new things.

A pretty major annoyance is 'one-frame-lag', it's fairly common and can easily happen when you don't own full control over the optimal update-order of your components. This type of lag most commonly occurs when object-A affects object-B, but B has already updated himself that frame. It will then take another frame for the full-effect to be applied. The same thing can happen when different objects query information from a object that itself gets affected several times during a frame, this ends up being messy and will have unexpected results and one-frame-lag.

However, I believe to have found a pretty solid solution, since it a bit experimental I will first test it against more complex components. More on that later...

The latest version of Core Engine was also lacking a proper Game-State management framework, which wasn't a problem for a long time since we generally didn't use 2D menus for our prototypes, but I am currently figuring out a good way to re-integrate this into the engine (from scratch) The 'standard' frameworks really don't work for me as they easily make your framework very complex and put a lot of extra strain on iteration speed, it should be a lot simpler and that's exactly what I'll be trying to accomplish.

A small note on the Gizmo for those of you who may be using it - I might release an update soon fixing some of the integration issues people might experience when they don't have a similar framework set-up. I will try to completely decouple the component which makes it a lot easier to integrate  into your own editor. (If you experienced any other issues, let me know and I will see if I can fix is along with the rest)

With all the other stuff going on I did not spend a single minute on V-script (Except for a presentation I did, I might talk about it some other time) So there is not much news on that I'm afraid.

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