Monday, 2 May 2011

Editor Tool: ViewCube (Camera Orientation helper)

Got to work on a new tool today and to users of 3D Studio Max or Maya it may look very familiar. It's called the ViewCube and it helps you orientate your camera in the scene. The video below demonstrates the basic system, Right now it's still only a prototype I made earlier this evening and I will finish it at a later time. The final tool will interpolate to the new position/orientation and the tool itself will be available in the top-right corner of the screen (and will have greatly improved visuals of course ;)).

Since I only have one viewport available in my editor, this can theoratically be a replacement for the standard dedicated Top/Side/Front-viewports. I might add an easy toggle for perspective-to-orthographic so you would not longer need/have 4 viewports on your screen at the same time...


  1. its very nice, where's i can get the code :D

  2. The code is not available online at this time ;)

  3. owh :(
    i see, thanks for your reply,.
    i want to try implemented on my 3D map editor for my assignment :D