Friday, 7 January 2011

Updated 'Over Night' Trailer on Youtube

I've just finished updating the trailer of our previous project, 'Over Night'. It includes a new voice for Jake, the protagonist and higher quality in-game footage. The previous upload suffered greatly from compression artefacts. This issue has been resolved and the overall quality of the footage has been greatly improved.

For anyone wondering if this means the project is still on-going, I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you. I've updated the trailer so I can include it in my Portfolio. More on that later...


  1. cool I look forward to some updates of your folio, the engine, and the sunburn project. The thumbnail looked cool on your site.

  2. Hi, thanks. The over night page has been updated today, added some images and the trailer.

    I hope to update the sunburn project soon, currently its just a blank page...which isn't a lot... :)

  3. Very impressive! I gather from your comments that this is no longer in development? A pity if so, the story looks interesting.

  4. Hi Tim,

    Yes, we had to move on. We were only given 8 weeks to work on this. I don't expect to ever have time to finish it, but you never know.

    Really impressive work on StitchUp btw, I was planning something like that for a long time, never got around to do it.

  5. Tom, great stuff in this video.

    Are your projects "one man" projects or are you surrounded by talented people to help you out?

    As for the Sunburn project, is there any deadline too or for the fun?

  6. I've worked with different teams on each project. Usually around 5 students per team.

    The current project (Project Sunburn) has already had its deadline officially. However, I'm still working on it at a slow pace to fix small bugs and add minor features. I got about a week left to work on it before I have to move on and start getting ready for my internship. (ps. Don't have a studio yet...)