Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Post-Process: Motion-Blur Effect

A simple Motion-Blur post-process based on the GPU Gems 3 article.


  1. Nice! It's integrate on Sunburn engine, isn't it? Actually i'm trying to create a Motion Blur and a DOF effect on my suburn project, but i'm really noob to postprocessing. I'll keep trying

    Your work is inspiring xD

  2. Hi Kiko,

    It works with SunBurn indeed, I actually passed the code to Philippe who will integrate it into his framework at

    I believe the code is already available, but needs a bit of a clean-up. (for instance the 'width' and 'height' parameters are always set to 1280 and 720.
    Look for the MotionBlur*.cs and a MotionBlur.fx file (or similar names)

  3. Hi Tom, thanks for the info. I've checked the last release but i havent found the MotionBlur class or effect. Maybe it will be available on the next release :).

    Thanks again, I'll try to implement it on my Sunburn application ;)