Monday, 1 February 2010

XNAnimation Library for Sunburn 1.3.1

OK, so I finished it a lot sooner then expected. The sample and library is now running on the latest (1.3.1) Sunburn release. If you have any trouble running the sample or DLLs, don't hesitate to ask...

XNAnimation Sunburn 1.3.1 Source & Sample

XNAnimation Sunburn 1.3.1 DLLs

Update: For new releases check out my post about sgMotion Release.


  1. Thanks Tom. You have really saved me here - i REALLY REALLY REALLY should have googled this before i took this long to attempt my own implementation. There is a cold brew with your name on it

  2. No problem :) You can find the latest release of XNAnimation for Sunburn here:

    It includes updates such as support for the Deferred rendering etc.