Monday, 1 February 2010

XNAnimation Library for Sunburn 1.2.6

Hi, today I decided to update a library I had modified some time ago to use with Sunburn 1.2.6. Only slight modifications were needed to get XNAnimation running alongside Sunburn (Thanks to John Kabus at Synapse Gaming) Updated the original sample as well, making it a bit easier to browse through, while demonstrating how to render a skinned model with Sunburn.

I provided two links at the bottom of this post, one with the source code and sample project, and another with only the required .DLL files to get started with your own animations. If you have any questions regarding the integration of the XNAnimation library, please leave your comment below.

XNAnimation for Sunburn 1.2.6 Source & Sample

XNAnimation for Sunburn 1.2.6 DLLs only

Note: XNAnimation .DLL's for the newly released Sunburn 1.3.1 should soon be available...

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