Saturday, 6 February 2010

sgMotion v1.0.0 Released!

sgMotion is an animation library (based on XNAnimation by Bruno Evangelista) and provides full integration with both the Sunburn Engine and the Sunburn Framework. The project is available for download on Codeplex:

The library source + Sunburn sample code is provided to get you started! Current release supports Sunburn 1.3.x for both PC & Xbox. For the older 1.2.x release click here.

Note: The previous releases will be maintained for some time using my Dropbox public space. For new releases check out the Codeplex page above.


  1. Awesome work Tom, looks great!

  2. This is beyond excellent,

    I would like to make the sgMotion into a viewer for my team, How can i load any model with the correct ContentPipeline selected as some models will be standard sunburn Models and some will be Skinned.

    I believe i need to build the FBX file into the XNB file with the correct ConentPipeline then load the XNB

    We have purchased the Sunburn Pro and really like your project.

    Can you please help.

  3. "I believe i need to build the FBX file into the XNB file with the correct ConentPipeline then load the XNB"

    You are correct :) Use the sgMotion processor for your skinned models and the standard sunburn processor for your regular models.

    You can find more info on how to load a SkinnedModel inside the sample.

  4. Thanks, if you get any remote spare time could i possible request that you could add a load model to your demo please via a menu.

    I'm working on something at the moment and would be happy to promote your viewer.

    I would appreciate it.

    thanks again i will take a look now

  5. If we can get this viewer running with a menu to load meshes with selectable ContentPipeline i'm willing and able to add additional features to complete the viewer.

    Also i will release the source for everyone as this has been a real pain and has taken valuable time reasearching.

    Appreciate you also maybe busy.

  6. Hi,

    Maybe this Sunburn example can help you out.
    Sunburn Winforms Example (You must be logged in to download the samples)

  7. Thanks, i've seen this before but could not get the ContentProcessor to change, I kept getting errors,

    I'm going to attempt to use sgMotion with the Example and see if i can get an animated model working.

    Maybe if you have a little time you could give this a go as you are more experienced in this area.

    Can you tell me what the Importer & Prossesor is for sgMotion as i have a seperate msBuild proj file i could also use.

    thanks for the support, appreciate it.

  8. If you're looking for the .dll files to use in your own projects here is a Link

  9. Thank You,
    I've been looking further into this problem and i've found a key issue i would like to ask.

    Using the Winforms Example you provided there is a section in the ContentBuilder.cs file for the assemblies

    static string[] pipelineAssemblies =
    "SynapseGaming-SunBurn-" + LightingSystemManager.Edition + "-Processors, Version=" +
    LightingSystemManager.Version + ", Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=" + LightingSystemManager.PublicKeyToken,

    When you add to the contentBuilder like this

    contentBuilder.Add(fileName, "Model", null, "LightingSystemModelProcessor");

    you are adding the processor for Sunburn

    I need to know the equivelents in the sgMotion please to be able add sgMotion to this new viewer.

    the line i need to add to the assemblies and the main sgMotion processor to replace LightingSystemModelProcessor

    I appreciate this is quite alot once i complete this i will have a viewer that has Sunburn and sgMotion and will load content. This will then be created into a better looking viewer which i will release for everyone.

    Thanks again for your support.
    sgMotion is truly great

  10. I've had a look at the Winforms project, but no luck so far. Some topics that might help out:

    A much easier way to start out with is processing your content at buildtime instead of runtime ;) But that's probably not what you're looking for.

  11. yeah compiling at runtime is what i'm looking for, mainly as my artist team need to load the FBX files once they create them.

    Doing this all at design time works perfectly and looks perfect.

    I'll take a look at the links.


  12. This is my app.config file and all looks well

  13. I'm still working on integrating sgMotion into a workable model viewer.

    I have created a simple model viewer using the base Sunburn WinForms you linked.

    Here is an extract of the content pipeline assemblies, I'm wondering what the equivelent is for sgMotion.

    "SynapseGaming-SunBurn-" + LightingSystemManager.Edition + "-Processors, Version=" + LightingSystemManager.Version + ", Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=" + LightingSystemManager.PublicKeyToken,

  14. Just for general information.

    I have sgMotion working perfectly with my main game project without dynamic content loading.

    Anyone reading this sgMotion is excellent
    I'm trying to do something unusual with sgMotion which is where i'm having problems.

  15. I have finally got this working.

    I have integrated the sgMotion Content Pipeline into the Sunburn Pro Winforms application.

    Thanks for all your help

    An update of the Winform example from Sunburn will be available once i tidy the code and add a few extra features.

  16. Cool :) Can't wait to see your results.