Sunday, 11 July 2010

Core Engine: Creating a simple level (Video)

I'm back with another video, this time I'll show you the creation of a (very) simple level. With The purpose of demonstrating some of the new additions, including the Animation Editor and the updated Visual Scripter. The video playback speed is set to x2 to reduce the overall length. Hopefully you'll enjoy watching and get a bit of insight in the engine's development capabilities.

The menu system shown in the video above is a WIP, originally all level objects were added at build-time. It's a big change in overall engine design to get these things working flawlessly with the new system. The core is aimed at rapid development and tweaking of the game/level while playing. It's been like that since day one and the new system should compliment that, increasing flexibility of the engine and speeding up the overall process of creating games.


  1. That's pretty impressive stuff! Just got to ask, is the whole of your editor in Winforms, or just the various browsers?

    If the whole thing is in Winforms, then how did you integrate the Edit/ Play feature? Did you just hook a game loop into the Application.Idle event?

  2. Hi,

    Only the browsers are Winforms, the game window is still the regular XNA game window.

  3. Really neat! I've been working on my own scripting engine and XNA engine but haven't managed to get anything quiet as cool as this.

    Good job!