Sunday, 16 May 2010

BEPU with Sunburn integration Source Available!

The sample project is finished! :) The source download link is available below.

A quick rundown of todays progress. Multi-threading got added (very easy thanks to BEPU) Cleaned up the code to hopefully help you quickly understand one of the possible ways to fix and maintain a relationship between your physics & your visuals. Spacebar will spawn a lot of spheres into the scene and left/right button will shoot sphere(s) from your current location. Leave your Feedback, Questions or just your thoughts in the comments section below ;)


What's inside?

* One of the possible ways to combine your physics with your visuals.
* Commented lines explaining the code required to setup BEPU in your Sunburn project
* A basic scene (default start kit from Sunburn) with some additional dynamic objects
* Multi-threaded physics
* A ragdoll
* DebugDrawer to visualize boundingboxes
* Actor class that combines Entity & SceneObject

The "Blades" mesh isn't using his own dynamic collision yet. May be something for a future release ;)

Don't hesitate to report any bugs or other suggestions...

Source link HERE. Enjoy!

(Sunburn is required to run the sample) More info on BEPUphysics here.


  1. Hey Tom,

    I have followed your engine and example code and am making my own engine. I have a few different concepts though. I use an Interface to link the physics so I can use whatever physics engine I want without changing any code. Once I get the physics working and fully completed I'm going to add Save/Load functionality. Pretty sure I'm going to use XML just like you described.

    Anyway just wanted to let you know your work inspires me to follow in footsteps. Hopefully someday I can find a good artist and make a complete game.


  2. Hi Matt,

    Thanks, It's great to hear you got inspired by my work :) I hope things will go smoothly with your own engine development as well. If there's anything you're particularly interested in just leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

  3. Have you worked with the new Sunburn Terrain object. I'm having trouble lining it up with a BEPU terrain entity

  4. No, I haven't. I'll probably be spending some time with the new features after our upcoming presentation deadline (this thursday)

  5. Hi there, Is it working on XBOX? I don't think so. How is your framerate on XBOX?

  6. Things should work on the Xbox without much trouble. Both BEPU & Sunburn are Xbox compatible. I haven't tried to run in myself so I don't know about the framerate, but it seems like you ran into some framerate related issues? I'll give it a go on my Xbox later on...

    Keep in mind tho, that the sample is made to give an example of linking Sunburn's rendering and BEPU's physics and it's not optimized to run on the Xbox...

    To make it run smooth on the Xbox some things like predicated tiling have to be avoided, if this is happening in the current sample release I might update it to get decent performance while running on the Xbox.