Monday, 5 December 2011

EditMesh Submode & History Panel

It was about time I posted a new video about my progress, so I decided to create a very early preview of some of the new features. This includes an early version of the history panel and the improved mesh editing feature.

If you're familiar with Neoforce you may recognize it in the video video. If you don't, it's basically a Winforms-like library with tons of features for 2D menus. It has quite an exhaustive feature-list and will replace all my previous Winforms based panels/windows. One big advantage of using Neoforce is alpha support, something not easily accomplished using regular Forms. Another advantage is in its design, instead of using OnPaint events and event handlers, it has regular Update and Draw functions. This is really nice when you're creating transitions and smooth animations for your controls.

There are some other features hidden in this video, one is still in very early development. You might have seen the screen fading from and to black several times, that is part of it ;) The best way to describe it: a method to quickly access your panels, menus, assets etc. through a single hotkey (spacebar by default) As you can see in the video, I 'pinned' the history panel to my game window, keeping it active when leaving the screen overlay. I will talk more in-depth about this video once it's more developed.


  1. Hi Tom,
    This is great work and look forward to seeing it progress even more!

    Are you planning on adding uv support for modifying/scaling/shrinking uv channels on models?

    Also, is it possible that modified models like these could be used in the sunburn lighting engine?

    Great work as always!

  2. Thanks, UVs are on the roadmap, until then I'll be working on additional panels/tools which I will talk about in the near future.

  3. Looks good, keep it up! Always like reading the latest additions to your project.

  4. Tom,

    Your engine is looking amazing - looks like its all shaping up to be precisely what is needed to allow a team with a sunburn license to work effectively together.

    There's a lot of exciting features here for sure! The mesh editing looks like a really intuitive way to get custom shapes in to levels. Great job!