Saturday, 12 June 2010

Over Night: Official Trailer Released!

The first official gameplay trailer of "Over Night" a game made in XNA.

The game was created within 8 weeks with a team of 4 students (and some additional outside help, see below for the full team setup)

The Team:

Mitch Manders (Design & Modeling)
Jorry Rosman (Concept Art & Textures)
Bas Babroek (Game Programming)
Tom Looman (Engine/Tech Programming)

Special Thanks to:

Paul van Gent (Audio)
Marvin Nooitgedacht (Video Editing)
Davy Jacobs (Animation)
Bo van Oord (Desert Eagle modeling, textures & animation)
Jeffrey van der Heul (Modeling)


  1. Great game engine. It seems to have a very clear interface. Is there any way you can post up a demo for us admirers to play? I would love to try out this game. Your team has given me a ton of inspiration in my own engine development.

  2. Hi, thanks for the kind words :) We're still discussing the future of the game. Originally development was to last only 8 weeks (as set by our school) More info will be available later on ;)

  3. Very awesome and very inspiring. You guys should definitely keep working on it.