Saturday, 16 January 2010

Creating your game while playing!

It's 4:30 in the morning and I've just finished a good chunck of engine work. Some progress has been made on the console (XNA Console Component) and support for switching 'modes' while playing the game.

The concept: The idea is to allow quick access to any editing tool while playing the game. This may have some pitfalls, but for the purpose of the engine (concept prototyping and school projects) it should be fine. To quickly gain access to these tools, you only need to open the console and type 'editmode' and the editor will change its ControlScheme, Camera and load all editor tools. The gameplay will be pauzed and all AI, physics etc. will not be updated while in editor mode. To continue playing, all you do is enter 'playmode' and gameplay will continue with all changes in effect.

This concept should greatly reduce developing time and will allows other teammates to build levels and tweak values without coding knowledge.

If you have any questions, please leave your comment below...


  1. This is definitely very interesting. Can you by any chance make a video demonstrating this?

  2. Hi, Thanks for commenting. I will create a video demonstrating this method once I got a player character with camera toggling working.
    I hope this will not take too long, but I have other things to work on aswell.

  3. Hey is there any chance you releaseing this for others to look at? I would be very happy to see it if so.

  4. Hi Daniel,

    As I'm currently working on a lot of different features within the engine (without any hard-set deadlines) I can't make any promises. I intend to do a more rigid explanation about different techniques and supply code-snippets or sample project files to accomondate the tutorials/demos.

    I hope this helps...